Food that is cooked in the vicinity of Sunlight & Air

Is the gateway to stay Fresh, Joyful & Healthier

– Charak Samhita

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The only Solar Oven that cooks at Night


World’s Largest Solar Cooking Festival

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Carry & Cook anywhere under the Sun.

Feedback from Eminent Personalities

“SuryaKumbh is a novel initiative to promote the use of renewable energy among youth. Just as students harness the Sun’s energy for productive use, SuryaKumbh is harnessing the energy of these fertile minds to create a more sustainable and energy efficient future for all of us.”

Shri. Anand MahindraChairman & MD, Mahindra & Mahindra

“My congratulations to the entire team of SuryaKumbh for such a beautiful idea. In the times of climate change and global warming, harnessing Sun’s energy is the best bet and who better to lead the change than the future of our country – the Children.”

Shri. Amitabh BachhanLegendary film Actor

“SuryaKumbh is such a simple and innovative idea. I could see even the adults enjoying this SuryaKumbh festival and getting excited to Solar cook their own meal…I certainly am!”

Shri Vidyasagar RaoHon. Governor of Maharashtra

“A wonderful attempt towards energy independence by the children. Children are the future of our Nation and Solar is the future of Energy.”

Shri. Piyush GoyalMinister for Railways, GOI

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